Frequently Asked Questions

What is Free Initial Consultation?

All clients will receive one-free-initial-consultation with their consultant if it is your first time contacting the consultant with the issue. For example, all initial consultations are for you and the consultant to agree for the service.

Can I Cancel my Consulting-Service?

Yes! You may cancel your consulting-service at any time/date before you and the consultant agree to start the service. For example, if the consultation service is scheduled to start on Friday November 29, the client can cancel the service on November 28, and no fees are required to be paid.

What size companies do you work with?

Our clients range from 2 – 200 employees and from pre-launch start-ups to companies with $100 million dollars in annual revenue.

Why would my company need consulting services?

Typically our clients are experiencing one or more of the following scenarios:

      • Struggling with challenges or obstacles within their business that is holding their company back from achieving growth and higher profitability.
      • Challenged by scaling their business or developing and implementing a growth plan that actually delivers intended results.
      • The company has outgrown their existing business processes, causing problems with daily operations (errors, increased costs, unreliable results, slower than expected output)

What are your consulting rates?

We are a fixed price solution provider, who believes in providing ‘value’ to each of our clients and are committed to delivering results. We provide our clients with a not-to-exceed cost estimate before beginning any work. No one likes surprises, so we work with our clients to understand their specific business needs and then outline our plan of action and the associated costs to implement those solutions.

How do you customize your services for niche companies?

We will analyze brand value of specific products and help you estimate the growth by understanding market trends. We can understand the demand forecasts and evaluate price and demand elasticities and put together segment volume and profitability on niche products. We can re-organize asset capabilities and organization structure to meet the demand. This will position the corporation for long term sustainability and growth.